Tuesday, July 24, 2012

4: The freedom of the Chase? Building Credit!

I know I should have done this a little earlier in my college career but it's better to get this done sooner than later right? So, this is my first credit card. Yay for the practical things on my list. Also, don't worry, I scratched out the numbers in this picture so no one will steal all of my money. 

Also, if life were a musical I would probably be doing this right now with some friends. ENJOY!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2 and 3: Concert and Meet someone famous!

Josh Radin Concert. Fabulous! Super friendly guy, excellent performer, wonderful. Also, I hit 2 birds with one stone with the checklist. :)

Here are some other famous people I have met in my life over the years... There's not that many. I apparently don't get out much. I did see Andy Garcia once at Disney Land but we didn't take a picture because he was on the other side of a fence. I was also in first grade so I didn't care at all. I'm surprised I even knew who that man was.
Jeff from the Bachelorette? I've never actually seen the show but my roommates were excited that I met him sooo, yay?

Also, Forrest from Hellogoodbye! He's the main singer if you don't know who that is. It was the best concert of my high school days. He was super strange but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Also, I look like I'm 15 in this picture. I had braces until I was a senior in high school so from age 14-18, I look exactly the same. Thank goodness that changed. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Song of Day: Kinna Grannis

Jelly Bean Song

1: Create a blog

So, I decided to do 22 things before my 22nd birthday. So creative, right? I actually stole the idea from another friend so not really. Anyway, create a blog is somewhere on the list so 1 down and 21 more to go. I should be posting my other 21 tasks by September 26th! In the meantime, be prepared to be entertained by doodles, music videos, and me embarrassing myself 21 more times.