Monday, August 27, 2012

8: Day with no shoes!

I really really love not wearing shoes in the summer. So I decided to do a day without wearing shoes! I did have to wear them at work otherwise I would be barefoot in dish-room slime and whatever surprises lurk in the bathrooms of the MTC. I did take them off for every other part of the day, including the 2 mile walk home. Turns out my feet aren't as calloused as I thought...

7: Roadtrip

So I went to YELLOWSTONE!!! I'm not sure if all of you consider that a road trip coming from Provo... but I was in the car for over 20 hours during a two day period so I think it counts. I also wasn't that prepared clothing-wise. I left with the clothes on my back, a backpack containing a hoodie and an extra pair of socks. Thank goodness I brought a sleeping bag and pillow I thought I was going to freeze to death. It took all morning for my toes to thaw out. I even slept with those handwarmers in my clothes. It specificallly says in the packaging not to sleep with them- someone somewhere must have got burns or something. I was willing to take the risk. Also, Old Faithful was not that exciting. I was expecting an explosion! Not the case. 

Here's a picture of my nasty state. I got really gross really fast... 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

6: Paint a mural or an 80s Dance Backdrop!

I recently painted a 6 by 7 foot backdrop for an 80s dance. I wanted to paint a large mural this summer and I had the perfect opportunity. Here are some pictures. (that's my roommate asleep on the couch, she's 5'8" so you can see how big it is!)

Here is my apartment. Some of them look like they're straight from an 80s movie. 

Here's my neighbor jumping in front of the background. I like how it turned out. :)

5: One less NIghtmare

As I sat in church making this list -and not paying attention-I thought of a few things that I could do which are completely out of character. For example, kissing 22 boys before I'm 22... that one probably wont happen for obvious reasons. Also, quitting my job without 2 weeks notice and making a big scene about it. And many many other funny ones which may or may not happen.

I did do something that I have been stubborn about for years. I bought a helmet for my bike... Many of you know, I am obsessed with my bike. I would rather by a $2000 road bike than a car. (Strange, I know). However, my whole life I have hated bike helmets. My parents said I could not ride my bike if I was not wearing a helmet when I was a kid. I had to wear this hideous boy helmet with a huge eagle on it. I got made fun of and I have been traumatized ever since. But being the daughter of an emergency room doctor and a public health major I should know better. But let's be real here, there's nothing that screams nerd more than wearing a bike helmet. I could keep going but I got over it. When I say "I got over it" I mean I had too many nightmares that I killed myself on the way home from work. So $45 bucks or my brain?

Here's a picture of my sweet bike (The knife) and my new helmet.