Sunday, May 12, 2013

Touching the Untouchables

I've been out of India for 3 weeks now and it has been a lot harder to adjust than I thought it would be. I am enjoying the food, plethora of grocery stores and all of my friends but I miss the simplicity of the last four months. I now can look back and fully understand my experience in India. I think I numbed myself to a lot things and am now experiencing all of the emotions that I had so easily forgotten when I was with the children. It's hard to believe how poorly these people have been treated due to a condition that was beyond their control. Throughout my interviews and conversations with the patient's I was shocked to know that these wonderful people have experienced such inhumanity. One man became the village slave at the age of 10, others were abandoned by their family and spouses. Some of the children have witnessed murders and kidnappings and have suffered in ways which, we as Americans, will never have to suffer in our entire lives. The list can go on and on. Unfortunately, so many of my friends there continue to suffer physically and mentally. They can now receive food, medical treatment and they have someone to help them but so many of them just look so worn down with what life has dealt them. I enjoyed my time there and I would go back in a heart beat because I got to experience a different life with them.

 I have so much in my mind always here in Provo and I have to bite my tongue not to mention something about India every time I'm talking with someone. I'll give it a few more weeks and I should be back to normal. I wanted to leave you all with my FAVORITE photos from India. I love them because they show so much of the joy and beauty of this country as well as some of the unique experiences I had. You've probably seen a lot of them but I couldn't help but post them again. I'll also post a link of some music to listen to while you look through them- I want you to feel the Indian magic!