Tuesday, January 8, 2013


So, India just gets better and better the more I'm here. I can actually say some people's names and I know like 4 words in Tamil. I get to spend the morning working in the colonies massaging people's feet and training my groupies. The last group that came in were so amazing. We had two families, a high school teacher, and a  fellow BYU student who just came for a week. It was a blast. We played cards every night and went out during the day... I'm sad they left.

One of the best parts of this trip is the fact that I get to play with kids all afternoon. There are 223 students here and they are all sooo adorable! I've never met a group of kids so outgoing and sweet. It's just so validating to have 200+ kids yelling your name and all wanting to play with you. I teach them weird children's songs and we play games. The other day we took old water-bottles and filled them with rocks and used basketballs for a game of bowling. They loved it except there was a lot of fighting over who got to roll the ball which was more like them chucking the ball at the bottles and rocks were flying everywhere. They all crawl all over me and grab my face... although physical touch isn't allowed in the culture the kids love to hold hands. It's okay for kids to do it but after a certain grade they're not allowed to sit on our laps and such. But the young ones are so fun.

The kids all know my name at this point because apparently, Anita is an Indian name. (Anitha) It's also a Hatian name, a Spanish name, an Nepali name...I am the uni-race. They all run up and ask me what their name is... I'm wrong a lot of the time. There are just too many names to remember in a week but I'm in love with so many of them. I'll post some pictures and a cute video of a kid's science project for you all to enjoy.

The village kids

 This cute boy gave me his science project because I loved it...Telephone cups. 

 I still don't know what the rocket had to do with his science project. He was identifying bugs. Get excited for the video explanation of the project. It's the cutest thing ever. 

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