Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year Greatness

This week is a new wave of silliness. The kids keep asking me what my American name is... it blows their minds that English and Tamil overlap. It's mostly just fun to watch their mouths drop in surprise. I've been playing so so so sooo many games. And my roommate and I were in charge of choir this week. Games and choir.. not super good at either of those things. I'm musically incompetent and I just hate games. I'm just forcing myself to get over a lot of things. I may just come back a new person. I might even change the spelling of my name to Anitha (silent H).

 I've been here two weeks and I no longer am afraid of everything that moves... until this morning. The neighboring village likes to wake up at 5 am and play this really loud Hindi music that isn't that great, mostly irritating. Usually I don't mind it but this morning it just sounded like people being tortured. I honestly thought someone was dying until I realized through my sleepiness that it was just the music. The music just freaked me out though. I just kept getting more and more scared and I had to walk across campus in the dark to the car so we could go to the airport to pick up the other volunteer. I started to think of a plan to make it across campus without being mauled by a monkey/cobra (yes, I got a little overboard). I get outside of the house and I go to close the door and something was hiding behind the handle and I touched it!!! So much wiggling in my hand...It was a gecko... a freaking gecko. I lost it and just started speed walking through the dark to the car. My driver wasn't there yet so I stood in the dark... afraid of life. He showed up on his motorcycle and all went well after that. But I just scared myself to death this morning. I have to think about happy things all of the time or I just start thinking about tuberculosis, occupational health standards, or the zombie apocalypse. I think the next season of walking dead should take place in India because that would be the most terrifying thing I could possibly think of.

Okay, pictures!

Gokulraj offended by our terrible singing. Everyone is tone deaf here so I fit in just great :)

Our attempt at choir. We just kind of gave up after a certain point and danced to American pop-songs outside. I'm sure once the actual teacher comes back she'll hate us because they'll be begging to listen to Justin Beiber, Jai Ho, and to be outside... I'm obviously helping a lot here.

My watercolor that I found in my luggage today. Forgot I even put it in there. :) 

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