Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter and some thoughts.

HAPPY EASTER PEEPS! So, I didn't wake up to an Easter egg hunt this morning but I did get a nice surprise plate of goodies. Our National Directors were in the states 2 weeks ago and picked up some Easter candy to surprise us with. I was grateful for it not only because it's a taste of America but also because the driver woke me up and I had to run to the door looking like a monster- let's all be grateful I was sleeping in pants and a t-shirt. He probably would have been scarred if I was wearing anything else. Luckily, my rude awakening was fixed with the plate of chocolate eggs for breakfast.

I've been so busy with work that I haven't really been in the Easter spirit and I had hoped church would really do it for me but church could not have been more chaotic today. Sacrament meeting was great, as usual, but then the bishop told me he couldn't do my ecclesiastical endorsement because he wouldn't be getting a password for a month for the website. Soo, I'll be registering for my senior classes with freshman. Then, Primary.... so much screaming and wiggles. The very long ride home was me trying to get over my headache.

I got home and decided I need to be less grumpy on this holiday so I went to play with the kids and they just humbled me to pieces. Not only today but all week long. I got so many notes this week from kids telling me how beautiful and wonderful I am. The house mothers made me gifts from palm leaves and asked me to wear their really nice sarees for events like church. Everyone is so selfless and willing to give and these people have NOTHING. I feel so bad taking things from them but they absolutely insist. One boy, Praveen, cut the pocket off of his only nice button up shirt because I keep telling him how much love the pattern on him. He only owns 2 shirts. He wears the same outfit every day so the shirt I love only gets worn a couple times a year, for nice events. I felt so bad when he pulled the fabric out of his pocket but he was so excited to give it to me that I couldn't help but love it. It has been the background of my phone for 2 months now so I'm really happy to own a piece of it. I just wished he didn't have to ruin his shirt in order for me to have it.

Another example of adorable children which is a bit of a tangent: All of the kinder-gardeners picked flowers from the bushes on the school grounds, which is allowed here, during their play time and they just kept handing them to me. I didn't really know what to do with them and I definitely did not want to throw them away because it was too sweet. One of the ladies approached me with some string and she made me a flowers string to put in my hair. All of the kids were so excited but not as excited as I was for their gift. (Here in Tamil Nadu all of the Indian ladies wear flowers in their hair.) Isn't it funny how the smallest things can make us so happy?

I think today is a good day to reflect on the important things in our lives regardless of our religious beliefs. Easter is a time to be grateful for what has been given to us here in life, whether you think that come from Christ's atonement or from Krishna/many other Hindu Gods. These children and patients are so grateful for the little they have and are so willing to share. I think they understand what has made them happy, they're grateful for it, and don't really worry about things beyond that. It's refreshing to be surrounded with that kind of humility and love. I hope you all  remember the important things in your life and have a happy happy Easter. Also, eat tons of chocolate/delicious Easter meal because I am really missing that aspect of this holiday.

Also, also, the locals celebrate the holiday by parading down the streets with a man on a cross, splattered with blood, in the back of a truck. It's not enough to visualize it in your head I guess.

Here are some PHOTOS. SO fun.

Me and Praveen enjoying our Easter playtime together. 

Here's a close up of Praveen's shirt which is now missing a pocket.

The small shoes are from a woman who is about the same size of the man who owns the other sandals. She has lost most of her feet due to the leprosy but still is a happy camper when volunteers come. 

Ezak. Such a sweet man. He just got eye surgery to help him actually see and he is so happy all of the time. Rising Star paid for it which is just the blessing of his life because there is no way he could have afforded it. 

Children using me as a mattress for our Saturday movie night. I will miss it. 

One of my favorite students! I had to share this photoshoot. Cricket helmet while pretending to play guitar. Such a goon.  

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