Sunday, March 10, 2013

Northern India vs. Southern India... OH, and my week.

So, this week was a little more difficult than the others but that happens-lots of miscommunication and awkward moments. However, I did get a package full of American food from an awesome family in California. Not to mention the bags and bags of chocolate a nice couple picked up for us when they stopped in the states. The Indian food is starting to get to me. Also, eating only rice every day does weird things to your body.

I do get a nice break next week because I am going on a weekend getaway to Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi!!! Yes, I am missing the festival of colors by a few days... I'm really sad about it so don't remind me.  I will give you a fun update when I get back. It will probably be all about food because northern Indian food is the best thing that has ever happened to the world. I go to Thailand in a couple of weeks which is the second best thing that has happened to world food. Also, random thought, pinterest is TORTURE because I don't have an oven or access to any ingredients so all of those posts make me so so hungry- especially Mexican food. People, we are going to Cafe Rio and Diego's Tacos when I get back to Provo, you are all invited.

I have one and a half fun stories that I can think of from the week. In the beginning of the week I got mauled by some red ants because I was running around without shoes and landed in a ant farm... it hurt. I then had an allergic reaction so I was put on some mystery medication and had to put pink lotion on it- which smelled and looked like pink paint so I'm still not sure if it actually was medicinal or if I was being tested for the placebo effect. I survived but I was a little bit miserable mentally and physically. Imagine the itchiest foot you've ever had in your entire life and you're cleaning leprosy wounds and poking people with needles all day so you're afraid to touch anything especially scratching open your skin.

 I also got mooned by a 5 year old during play time.

I want you all to fully understand the shock I've had when I came here so I have something fun for you to watch. Prior to this trip I didn't realize how different every region was in India (which is stupid, I know, but sometimes we don't actually use our heads). I was expecting Slumdog Millionaire, minus the guns, and a lot of really really good food. Well, I'm sad to say that didn't happen.  Here are some examples of the differences.

1. Movies.

Above is a clip of a cute love song in a Bollywood film, also known as a Hindi/northern India film. These movies are still really strange sometimes but they've got some good dancing and music and I genuinely enjoy a few of them. You don't need to watch the entire song if it kills you but watch at least a minute of it so you get the idea.

The link below is what I discovered in Tamil Nadu. I don't mean to offend anyone but this is the only way I can explain these movies- Bollywood with a learning disability. Please compare the two love triangles... it's hilarious. Not to mention that Tamil movies are extremely violent...blood spewing everywhere always. Click the link below for the clip. The blog wouldn't let me put the video straight on here because it's just that awful. you HAVE to watch the whole thing. It's so bad it's funny.

2. Food

Chicken Tikka Masala (Northern) vs. Tamil Nadu Briyhani and Curd (Southern). If I were to die and go to heaven right now, my first meal would be Chicken Tikka Masala and naan. I may even have it for the first two meals I love it that much. Briyhani? I'd rather eat dirt and grass for dinner than curd and Briyhani. Yep. There are a few things that are really yummy here but I get them really infrequently so I eat M&Ms/peanut butter after every meal. I'm not going to come home a skeleton because I eat junk, a lot. And the few meals I like I'm usually coughing up chicken skin, cartilage, fish bones, and other mystery items so I lose my appetite quickly, hence, the candy addiction. It clears the pallet.

Well, I hope you enjoy the video clips as much as I did because I was laughing hysterically in my bed as I posted them.


  1. The link didn't work! It said it was blocked in America :(

  2. Seriously... I will find another one. In the meantime look up Tamil movies. :)

  3. i am searching tamil videos right now.