Thursday, September 6, 2012

10: Do something out of character?

I was looking over my list and I wanted to do something out of character. That could be a lot of things but for some reason I decided to embarrass myself the third day of school. So,the first week of school there is a TON of free food and just stuff. I of course take full advantage of it so I can postpone grocery shopping for as long as possible. I don't think I would hate grocery shopping so much if I had a car. For some reason, no one needs to go to the store the same time as I do so I end up eating hobo pasta dishes for several days in a row or I ride my bike like 3 times a week because it wont all fit in the packpack.

ANYHOO, I was people watching in the main square of campus, eating a free hot dog, when someone announced free t-shirt giveaway. I am crazy about free t-shirts. I made it a goal to get as many free shirts as possible last semester. I got like 5 in two weeks and then I got too busy to think about it. Well, this time around I was more than game. I stood in a large crowd and tried to grab the shirts they were throwing at us but being as short as I am... I didn't stand much of a chance. I left kind of disappointed until they announced that they would do it again in 20 minutes. At this point I became determined to get that shirt. I sat on a bench and planned strategies instead of doing my homework. I have no idea why I was so intense about it. I started blabbing to this poor boy next to me about the free t-shirts and told him he needed to go join the fun. I think he was confused.

The announcer then told us we had one minute so I pushed to the front of the crowd so I could be the person who crawls on the ground for the poorly thrown shirts. I figured that was the ONLY way I was getting a shirt. Well, they started throwing them and all of them were going over my head. Until this one was coming straight towards me. Next thing I know I'm on the ground chasing it. I don't know how many people I hit on the way down but they didn't follow me. However, the shirt rolled into the hands of this other girl! UGH. I was so mad and I must have looked crazy because she just stared at me and started apologizing. She then asked me if I wanted it... uh, YES I WANT IT. I know I should have declined, but I went through a lot of effort for this stupid shirt. So she handed it to me. hahaha. I immediately looked around and hoped no one I knew saw that happen. I don't usually jump around with crazy in my eyes over free stuff.

That's not the best part. I go back to my seat and the poor boy who was next to me earlier to saw that I got a shirt and we started talking (like real conversation, not my crazy babble at him). He then asked for my number. Oh the magic of Brigham Square. I guess irrational crazy girls get the guys. Who would have thought?

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