Saturday, September 8, 2012

11: Quit the MTC.

I didn't even add this to the list but somehow it happened. When I was making this list back in July I had a few open slots and asked my friends what I should do before I'm 22... many of them told me to quit one of my jobs. I have 3 jobs and I'm doing research with a professor so I'm really really busy all of the time. Working evenings cleaning a cafeteria is pretty disgusting and I looked and smelled terrible all summer. However, the job is really fun because you just meet people all of the time. It's super easy to make friends and the customers are probably the nicest customers I'll ever have in my life.

Well, the other day I was hiking and I had this epiphany that I'm too busy. Weird, right? So I called the next day and put in my two week notice. Two days later though ones of my bosses pulled me into the office and told me the other supervisor also quit so he was concerned. So somehow I'm on-call now? Well, today is my last day of being on the schedule and I'll go in a few more times this semester. But I have so much more time. I can't remember the last time I was home for the sun to set. It's a nice change.

Here are a bunch of pictures from work that I didn't take so there are a lot of the same people. Also, there are some pictures of me after work.... which are worse. Enjoy. I'm also eating in most of them so that's why my face looks weird.

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