Tuesday, September 11, 2012

12: Conquer and irrational fear.

I recently developed this irrational fear of heights. I know what you're thinking, this is probably some weird psychology phenomena that happens to 5% of people aged 20-30. (Yes, I made that up).  It just happened one day while I was in a lift at work and I realized, I could just plummet to my death right now. I was maybe 20 feet off of the ground at the time so nothing really bad. I blame risk management. I was just briefed by a risk management official about scary things. He told me that the machine I was using was so old that it was not approved by OSHA. He then told me, in detail, all of the lift accidents and deaths that have happened to college students in the past 10 years. Most of which happened on NEWER and SAFER machines. This was the birth of my fear of heights. Since then (which was sometime in the Spring). I have been nervous hiking, off-roading, climbing ladders, climbing onto the roof (which isn't completely stupid now that I think about it), and many more I can't think about.

So the other night when I was working on this list I thought, I need to do more things I don't like and this sounded great.......... My last scheduled day at the MTC I volunteered to clean the ceilings which are really really high and require "the lift". Which I have successfully avoided for the past 4 months.  I have a picture to show you. I spent like 25 minutes setting up the machine so there was no way I was falling over. Thank you public health and risk management trainings! My major has weirdly come in a lot of handy...

I feel kind of bad because I didn't actually clean that much. I was so concerned about not dying that I took FOREVER. So, after going up and down a few times I cured my fear of heights! Well, maybe. We'll see, I'm going hiking soon. :) I was no longer nervous about it by the end of the shift so that's a good start. Here are some pictures which probably make me look like a poor worker and disclaimer: I look TERRIBLE. It's a curse of the cafeteria, no one can be attractive. We don't want to distract the missionaries.

Also, I am aware that the date is wrong. Nothing is up to date in the cafe. 

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