Thursday, September 6, 2012

9: All Nighter

SO this happened awhile back and as I was looking at my list I realized I never wrote about it. I have stayed up countless nights with my dear roommate Maureen many times this summer. One time she got in this car accident at 2 am and I had to borrow my roommate's car to pick her up. We spent the wee hours of the morning waiting in an empty emergency room. She was perfectly fine except for the psychological damage from losing her car... We also stayed up all night writing our talks for Church. I also stayed up until 4 am so I could take her to work. There's a long list.

Anyway, I really just wanted to stay up all night doing something fun. Well, I ended up staying up all night... with Maureen. Surprise! I guess other people don't do that intentionally when they're in their 20s. Maybe Maureen and I haven't grown up yet? Well, we talked about funny things and watched bizarre foreign films until sunrise. It was fabulous. I didn't get any pictures to document the night but I do have one which pretty much sums it up. Enjoy. :D

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