Friday, September 21, 2012

17: Buy something expensive

I don't like to buy expensive things often. I somehow convinced myself that college students shouldn't buy expensive things. Ever. Which is probably true but so many of my friends buy stuff they want like guitars or cars. I've been looking back on my entire college existence and I haven’t purchased anything I've wanted that cost more than $40. I've picked up things here and there like shirts and socks… some shoes but no big purchases. So I decided I was going to buy something I wanted that cost a lot of money.  I've put money aside so this isn't like a huge impulse buy. So, what did I decide? 

I bought the iPhone 5. OH YES!!! New phone, new ipod, data! I currently have a grandma phone so this is like going from sleeping on a barn’s dirty floor to a king sized bed with a down comforter. I’m excited and you should be too. I’ll probably contact you more and actually answer your phone calls and texts! 

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