Friday, September 21, 2012

15: Kong Cone

For those of you who have lived in Provo, you know about the soft serve at Macy’s.  Macy’s is one of the cheaper grocery stores in the area and they have super cheap ice cream. It’s usually less than a dollar. So you show up to grocery shop, pick up a cone, and enjoy it while you shop. It's seriously great. 

Well, they also are known for the Kong Cone. It’s like a foot of soft serve on top of the cone. Only the strong can conquer this beast of a cone. You can’t even hold it up, they have to put it in a large cup or it will topple over. I decided I was going to eat an entire Kong Cone and to make it even better I was going to do it without using a spoon. Great idea, I know.

So I tell my friends about this super great idea and my friend Jordan was game. We decided to have an epic evening by scaring ourselves to death by watching the movie Signs in the middle of a field while eating the Kong Cone. We made dinner which was a bad idea because I went into eating this cone with a partially full stomach. We buy the cone and before I even reached the rim of the cup I was feeling gross. We get to the field and it’s windy so it’s FREEZING. After a few minutes I decided that this was the worst idea in the world and dumped the cone. I didn’t even eat that much and I felt ill. Also, the movie wasn’t even scary. I was just cold and uncomfortable.  So this was kind of a fail but I’m not trying it again. We left our cups of ice cream for the Aliens.  

I have no pictures because I thought I would attempt this a few times before I would bring my camera... not the case. So google Macy's Kong Cone if you're curious. I'll post a picture later if I decided that I want to do this again. 

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